HEALING SERVICES - Torri Wright-Krol

Offerings: Sliding scales

Sound Healing and Medicine Woman Practices:
45min – 1 hour: $50 – $100
1.5 – 3 hours: $80 – $200

Guided Meditation/Sound Healing (1-2 hours)
This can be offered individually as well as with a group. In the Portland Oregon area, I offer a twice monthly circle at my home (energy exchange is welcomed), where we gather and allow spirit to facilitate what is called forth for healing as a collective. Recently, this work has encouraged travel, therefore this may shift and evolve as we are guided.

Individual sessions are more specific to the person, their guides and what process is needed for healing the heart space. The work my being brings in comes from literal vibrations from sound; voice, singing bowls, flute, rattles, bells, drums and other guided practices. This work allows the individual an opportunity to go into spaces to heal, understand and clean the energy within and around them.  These sessions also allow individuals to go into a deeper meditative space (most often), allowing a beautiful introduction or deeper path into meditation and self-healing.

House/office/space clearings (2-3 hours)
Working with my guides and the spirits of the land as well as the spirits from each person asking for clearing/healing that come forth with love and light we embark on a journey cleaning and clearing energy to then fill the space with beautiful intentions set with the person asking for the clearing. This service may include smudging, use of medicine tools, singing, flute, candles, an alter space, dancing, and other practices called forth by the spirit team or spirits asking to be worked with.

Personal and family clearings/healing (2+ hours) 
Working with my guides and the spirits called forth, working in love and light connected to those asking for the clearing, we will open doors to clear old thought patterns, stuck energy, and help things move with a greater sense of ease and fluidity. Use of medicine tools, smudging, feathers, singing bowls, flutes, singing and other practices are used during these sessions. This is different than a sound healing session (please ask for further clarification if needed).

Mantra’s and personal rituals (45min – 1 hour) 
This session is individualized following a mini-clearing. The focus is on whatever subject area you are wanting to focus on in your life, letting go of, bringing in or wanting to shift, along with protection practices. The session is done alongside my spirit team and your guides as all the other sessions. This is an excellent introduction into deep healing work or a beautiful addition to any of the above offerings, as it gives you more personalized take-aways to begin/deepen your personal healing practices.

Sound and heart opening session (1.5 – 2.5 hours)
This session is an individualized sound healing session, working with a variety of sounds, singing, dancing and instruments that are called into practice by the angels and guides working with us in that space. The session can take place in your home, in nature or any other designated area in alignment with your highest path. Again the team of guides, angels, ascended masters and spirits working through me and with me will provide the direction in what the session will flow and sound like. Each session is unique and specific to the person.